The 3 AM Phone Call – Shades of Love (Fiction Story)

“Fuck You”, she muttered under her breath.

She instantly realized that she shouldn’t be saying it to her mom, but then another voice on the inside said that it was ok. After all, her mom was being a fucking bitch, so she deserved it!  

‘No ya, we don’t talk about Mumma like that’, said the first voice again.

‘Whatever, I’m calling Shiv again’, said her second angry voice.



the 3 am phone call

Sunaina was having a rough day, actually a rough night. She was on a call with Shiv, talking about general stuff in life. I mean 3 AM wasn’t really unusual – that was like 6 pm in hostel life terms. Everyone was awake till late in the night in the hostel. 

That’s when Aarti came in her room, hearing the whispers. 

“Who the hell are you talking to at this time of the night”, Aarti asked, flabbergasted. 

“Oh, it’s just Shiv, mumma”, Sunaina said, trying to sound like the call was just with a regular friend, and that it was very common. 

“At this hour?”, Aarti didn’t sound convinced. 

“Mom, it’s very common in hostel life. I couldn’t sleep so I called up a friend. Why is that such an issue?” Sunaina felt angry too.

“Hang up first and then we will talk. I don’t want your Papa to wake up.” 

Chal Shiv, I’ll call you in the morning. You know how being home is ya!”, she chuckled sarcastically.

Sunaina tried to sound casual on the call in order to control some of her embarrassment in front of Shiv as well as her mom. But she was boiling from the inside.

‘It is better to stay in the hostel and not come home because then your mom strips you of all the freedom you have. These stupid society rules – how does it change anything if I speak to someone in the morning or at the night?’. Her inner voice had logic but the society pressure of being nice to your parents while at ‘their’ home trumps it all. 

“Sunaina, what kind of behavior is this. And how come you are always talking to Shiv. He is not a good boy. We sent you to Bangalore to study, not to befriend cheap boys who you can chat with at 3 am! How will I ever explain this to your father?! Beta, we are small town, middle class people, not TV serial and hollywood movie families.”

Sunaina just needed something to poke her just once more – and these words from mumma did!

“Ma, you sent me to be independent and now you want to chain me? What did I do? Did I start having nude video chats with random people that you are so yelling at me like that?? I know who we are and what we can do but please, control your own behavior. Yes, I love Shiv and I am in a relationship. Do what you want!” she yelled with words, not with voice. Papa was sleeping and in no way was she awake enough to handle two hypocrites in the middle of the night. 

Hey Ishwar, how are you speaking to me Sunaina! And all for that guy who is divorced twice and a decade older than you? He is luring you into a life of nothing, Sunaina! Listen to your parents and move on from even talking to this boy. He does not love you, we do. Can’t you see that?”, Aarti said, very angry and very emotional at the same time. 

“I want to sleep. See you tomorrow. It was a huge mistake thinking I could spend a week with my parents. You guys obviously aren’t interested in me, my happiness, my problems, or my life. So, close the door on your way out – now.” Sunaina said as she dunked inside her blanket and covered herself completely.  

Aarti held back tears, but without another word she left the room and shut the door behind her.

‘What did I do wrong to deserve such words from my own daughter. I spent so much of my life, sacrificed everything to build values in to this girl. Bangalore wasn’t a good decision. Dear God, please take care of Sunaina. She is such a child and does not understand what is happening.’ Aarti kept speaking to herself, holding back her emotions as she entered her bedroom.


In the quiet of the night, she could hear Sunaina back to her phone, taking to someone, telling them what a ‘bitch’ her mom is. Aarti just hugged Ashok, muffling her tears, her breath and the agony she felt. She didn’t want to wake him up, but Sunaina’s words stung like acid burns.

Ashok turned around, ‘I heard’.

Aarti felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore.

“I told you to not talk to her.” He hugged her mildly, allowing her to breathe and let out a tear.

“Ashok, I love her, more than my own self. How can I let her destroy her life with the wrong person. I overhear the kind of talks he has with her – such ugly, mature, nonsensical talks. She is so young and naïve – he wont stay with her. He is just using her and that blind girl can’t see a thing. She speaks of me so poorly – how can she not see how much I love her, but she sees that fake nonsense of that horrible person and blindly believes it?” she gasped as she talked. 

“Aarti, calm down and try to get some sleep for now. Let’s think about this tomorrow. Anyways, you have to wake up early for Vivaan and his exam tomorrow. He won’t go until he takes his breakfast and tiffin and given you 350 kisses before he leaves. So try to rest, and we will talk tomorrow’, said Ashok.


Love comes in many shades in a person’s life – all I wish is that we were all able to see all the shades of true love and respect it for as long as we have it. 

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  1. Loved the idea behind your story, mom daughter, mom son, husband wife, and daughter bf. Indeed different shades of love. Just felt daughter’s point of view could have been brought out a little more, like why she chose Shiv, maybe she was right in choosing him. Totally loved the plot and use of dialogues to bring out the story is wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much for seeing the different shades I wanted to portray. That was the main point of my story – how same people can love intensely, differently, and still be misunderstood. Also, I wanted this to be like a short story blog, so I gave myself a word limit, aiming at a quick read. Feedback noted, I would elaborate main angles more 🙂

  2. You are right Prisha – love comes in many shades.
    I have to admit, I felt a bit ‘ug’ at the start of the story, however as you weaved in realities of present day life, I too followed you along on the roller coaster.

    1. It was meant to evoke a strong response, so I think I get what you feel. Thank you, I hope I was able to demonstrate the theme well 🙂

  3. I loved reading the story, it has a charming storytelling style. Moreover I am amazed at how you have woven the story with various shades of love. Something to learn from the young girl and her mom’s conversation.

    1. That was the whole aim of the story – to be able to witness the various shades of love same people can give and receive from various sources in their life. Thank you so much for the appreciation!!! Absolutely loved it 🙂

  4. A very apt description of children’s behavior at that age towards parents. Sometimes, it is best to let them make their mistakes and learn.

    1. While that may seem the right thing to do, parents, mostly moms find it difficult to let children make their own mistakes, especially when they can be life defining. But you got the gist right 🙂 thank you for your kind words.

    1. It’s a little bit of all our lives – love and misunderstanding go hand in hand when talking about close relationships.

  5. It the clash of the young and the old no? the young want to do things their way and the old generation cares for them and wants to protect them from making mistakes.

  6. It is the fight between the old and the new no? The younger generation wants to make thier own paths, live life on their own terms while the older generation wants to protect them from making mistakes

    1. Yes! Times are always changing and keeping up with the ever modernizing lifestyle of the next generation is a difficult task.

  7. Loved the size of the story 😊 Felt miserable for Aarti but in no time you made the reader feel better. Well woven 👍🏼

  8. Now this is a story that is well-written and readers can completely relate. The mother-daughter relationships usually take a turn when the daughter becomes a teen, expecting to have freedom, in making choices and decisions and mothers fretting and trying to protect them from the society. In your story you have exactly portrayed the fragility of this relationship, how each of them perceive the other, their actions and reactions.

  9. A true description of shades of love. Loved reading, how we all tend to stick to the one that hurts us the most. loved reading it, and I almost felt the pain.. very well written

  10. A true description of shades of love. Loved reading, how we all tend to stick to the one that hurts us the most. loved reading it, and I almost felt the pain.. very well written.

  11. Loved your story, Prisha. Life is cruel. It doesn’t always roll as we wish, but love comes in many forms. The beauty of life lies in acknowledging all the possibilities.

  12. Love comes with the way you grew up with (lived with) one individual. Interesting take on the different shades of love. Instead of consequences, it requires to see the reasons sometimes.

  13. The bigotry views of the society tags relationships in black and white. We all have seen how relations that don’t come under the norms of the society are judged. I loved how you have brought out a different shade

  14. I think we daughters become rebellious when we go through life where work is expected of us more than understanding our emotions. I remember thinking my mom as my enemy once upon a time until I consciously started understanding her. Nostalgic story.

  15. You are so right, love has many shades. Some we understand and rest are just a blur, I really love the contrast you narrated in the story. Daughter and son have different emotions for the mother, and husband is the anchor to all the melanchoy happening around her. Beautiful tale.

    1. The story moves through different shades of love flawlessly. And, it also shows us the reality where young adults differ from their parents approach to life. Would there be a second part to have Sunaina’s view?

  16. Would definitely want to read what happens next! and that’s your victory 🙂 I could see many shades of love in this one.

  17. Nice story. It is important to maintain open lines of communication and try to understand each other’s perspectives in order to build strong and healthy relationships, especially between parents and children. The pressure to conform to societal expectations can make it challenging for individuals to express themselves and pursue their own happiness and goals.

  18. Your story to me was an apt example of portraying different shades of love in one piece. While the opening of the story made me sick in my stomach, your craftsmanship with words made it all work. Loved your narration.

  19. How beautifully you have portrayed all the shades of love. My favourite thing here is 350 kisses before going to school, Chemistry between the couple and how Ashok was so calm about such situations. Wonderful!

  20. As humans, we experience many shades of love in life but we cannot always understand them. Teenagers often fail to understand their parents’ love and concern and their efforts to protect their child. This is something they understand as they transform into adults.

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